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HDMI Video Extenders CAT5E

Get accurate videos now with Digital Signage Extenders

Digital Signage has been around for many years and over the past few years we have seen a dramatic advancement of new technologies such as touchscreens, wayfinding, augmented reality and the list goes on. One area that gets...

Image Credit: Kate

Digital Advertising Trends for 2015

The world of advertising has always been fast-paced and in a constant state of evolution – and this is truer in 2015 than ever before. Marketers and retailers have more ways to reach their audience than they’ve ever had –...

Dubai Digital Signage

Digital Signage Klip: Dubai digital signage stand

This digital signage Klip was provided to us by Hung, a regular and avid traveler. The image is of a pretty cool interactive digital signage stand in Dubai. The solution provides free usage of Google Maps in case you need to s...

front screen

Digital Signage Fail: Unique Back Screen Cover

I was walking past a store which had two Display Screens mounted on the front of their kiosk stand. From the front it appeared the two screens were mounted inside stand. See below (sorry not a good picture but it should give yo...

McDonald Hardcore porn

Don’t get caught out: McDonald’s bosses apologise after hardcore porn is accidentally shown in store

This can happen to any business with digital screens (in particular those with TV’s that are playing Free to Air channels)… so lets all just learn from it. Some of my points/learnings from this: 1. Don’t give ...

Virtual Reality and Video Mapping

Virtual Reality and Video Mapping

Here’s an awesome video of the latest Toshiba Electric Bus. The video highlights features of the electric bus and envisions a brighter future for urban transportation but what was awesome about the video was that a virtua...

digital banner stand

Guest Post: Digital Signage – The Retail Revolution

The way that companies present themselves to their customers has undergone a dramatic revolution in recent years. In addition to building online identities and interacting directly with customers through social media, many reta...

Portrait Menu

Techie Question: Portrait Screens – Rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise?

We previously wrote about Portrait vs Landscape screens installations (Techie Question: My client wants their landscape screen changed to portrait, Confusion between Landscape vs Portrait content)  and just recently we were a...