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Digital Signage Power Book

Review: Digital Signage Power Book

I recently finished reading my first Digital Signage book titled Digital Signage Power written by Justin Ryan.  To be honest, I didn’t even know such books existed and decided to read this book and provide a short review...

Times Square

Guest Post: Sleek and Digital – The Latest on Business Signs

Today, business signs go beyond communicating your brand. They can also drive sales for your establishment and encourage interaction with your audience. They can literally transact with your potential and existing customers. Do...

Social Signage - Social Wall

Guest Post: 5 Tips for Making Digital Signage Work Better

Digital signage (DS) is everywhere. Though it hasn’t completely replaced static signage and is arguably not yet a major public medium, it is growing in popularity. Outdoor digital signage offers far more sophisticated – and...

Digital Signage_About _ GSTV

Guest Post: Innovating in the Age of Minimal Signage

It’s kind of amazing that the digital signage industry is growing at such an astounding rate when nearly every company is making the same few products. Hotel kiosks, digital menu boards, retail displays – we’ve grown far ...

World Cup 2014 LED Globe

Digital Signage Globe at the World Cup 2014

Did everyone notice the giant colourful LED Globe (Disco Ball) in the opening ceremony of the World Cup 2014. Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about:      


Free Video Wall Software – Launcher Dock

If you’re looking for a Free software tool for your video wall then you need to visit Launcher Dock. It is a Windows tool that automatically starts programs and puts these programs on certain areas of the screen. So if yo...

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Guest Post: Where Do Digital Signs Work Best?

Static posters have been around for decades. In the early days posters were initially used to create awareness about plays and public performances. Since then they have gone on to advertise everything under the sun. Although st...

Is it OK to turn down a customer?

Is it OK to turn down a customer?

A few weeks ago we were asked to visit a small retail store who was after a digital signage solution. The screen was to be positioned at the shop window facing the street. We went through our standard procedures and provided t...