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What an Unbelieveable Bus Shelter

What an Unbelieveable Bus Shelter

Here’s a great video showcasing an innovative use of digital signage to impress passengers who are waiting at the bus stop:

E Display Inc Digital Signage for Holiday In (2)

Case Study: The Need and Impact of Hospitality Digital Signage – Holiday Inn, Calgary

Holiday Inn is a multinational brand of hotels forming part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). It is one of the world’s largest hotel chains with 434,357 bedrooms and 3,414 hotels globally. There are over 100 million...

High-Tech Advertising in 2014 Where Are the Trends Leading

Guest Post: High-Tech Advertising in 2014: Where Are the Trends Leading?

Marketing has been around for as long as currency and trading have been in existence. Of course, in those early days, advertising was limited to word of mouth. Later, with the industrial period came mass printed flyers, newspap...

Impact of Digital Signage Solutions on Advertising World

Guest Post: Impact of Digital Signage Solutions on Advertising World

Digital Signage solutions have revolutionized the advertising world, with its advanced technology and attractive features. Lot of things which were thought would require lots of times to implement are now smoothly implemented w...

Encorp Touch Screen

Guest Post: Digital Signage for Retail- Attract, Convert and Retain Your Customers

Providing better customer experience is one of the primary goals of any successful business. These days, with the right and intelligent use of technology, a firm can improve its way of interaction with their customers. From ret...

Digital Signage in Schools

Digital Signage in Schools

Here’s a great case study for Digital Signage Schools. The installation, integration and setup was performed by us, a digital advertising company called Advertise Me based in Australia. What was unique about this install...

Please Don't Fall

Digital Signage FAIL: Is it going to drop?

We received this picture and the quality isn’t the greatest but it was quite important to post it here. In this picture you will see the flange for the ceiling pole not installed tightly to the ceiling. This gives the imp...

Digital Signage Extenders

Techie Question: What are Digital Signage Extenders?

With the advancement of technology, traditional signage (static billboards, posters and pamphlets) has been changing constantly. Now it’s the era of digital signage where you can easily advertise or display your business on a...