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Harvey Norman Goes Digital

Posted: March 18, 2012 at 11:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Harvey Norman is one of Australias biggest advertisers across TV, print and also online. Harvey Norman has installed a network of digital signs in its chain of 100 stores across Australia.  They are now realised that digital signage is an important tool for communicating with their customers and have partnered with Fujifilm Australia to shake up its int-store aesthetic.  The screens will be used to display images, video, audio, text and RSS feeds. The system was chosen as a way to increase sales and promote suppliers in stores.

The digital signage system being used by is called Fujivision and the digital signage player allows 6 HD channels to run simultaneously. The system will allow the retailer to generate additional revenue through sales lifts and also create effective co-branding with their suppliers. In addition, the system will help enhance brand and product recognition.

The Fujivision content is hosted on Fujifilm servers. The Fujivision system has an online proofing module that allows the retailer to review content and make changes by recording text, voice or video frame-by-frame, saving time and minimising potential errors when publishing to the network. As Fujivision is a networked solution, customised playlists can be managed on a national, state, metropolitan, store and even screen level, allowing very targeted messaging throughout the day. There is also a ‘dayparting’ feature that allows any chosen content to be run at specific times.

We look forward to seeing the solution in their retail stores.



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