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Get accurate videos now with Digital Signage Extenders

HDMI Video Extenders CAT5E
Posted: February 25, 2015 at 12:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Digital Signage has been around for many years and over the past few years we have seen a dramatic advancement of new technologies such as touchscreens, wayfinding, augmented reality and the list goes on. One area that gets unnoticed is the technology used to deliver video content over long distances – Digital Signage Extenders. Now it’s the era of digital signage where you can easily advertise or display your business on a screen that is visible to many people all at the same time.

Your traditional digital signage setup has the media player located behind the screen and a video cable connecting the media player to the screen. But what happens when you don’t have the room to put a media player behind the screen and have a business security requirement to lock the media player in a secure room. The answer is using video extenders that carry high-definition input from the media player to the screen.

Digital extenders are usually used to transmit the high strength video signals from the source to the required signage that is away from the source using an Ethernet cable. These cables which carry signals ranging from VGA to HDMI are used to transmit the video content to the screen. Depending on the product used, some will carry signals up to 300 meters away from the signal source but you are required to use two Ethernet cables to achieve a Full HD resolution. On the HDMI extender you will see one port used as TMDS and the other as DDC and you need to make sure that your Ethernet cable connects to the correct port. Both visual and audio data can be embedded in the new CAT 5 cables that are being extensively used in the market these days. There are two types of video extenders – PASSIVE and ACTIVE. The main difference between these two is that the passive extenders do no require an external power source to be connected whereas the ACTIVE extenders need a power supply connect to it to boost and enhance the quality of the signal.

HDMI Video Extenders CAT5E

One of the main requirements for any type of extender is to ensure the signal being transmitted across the extenders remains is crisp and bright even over a long distance. Many companies have opted this technology of using the video extenders as they give you high quality results. These extenders generally are the gateways between the source and the output but also efficient in boosting the signals without any loss of signal strength. There are also technologies in the industry whereby the Video extenders has also been turned into splitters that can be able to split the signal into two different channels which lead to different outputs. This splitter video extender are mostly used in commercial areas and is most efficient way of spreading the high quality signal without any loss in strength or quality.



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