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We are now offering the opportunity for businesses to sponsor the Digital Signage Blog articles. At the bottom of each article you will see the Sponsor My Articles button with the cost to sponsor each article. Just click on this button and fill out the form.

sponsor my articles button

sponsor my articles button

All payments are processed via PayPal and there’s a limited number of sponsors for each article.

Sponsor our articles NOW and get your business in front of thousands of readers. Here’s a few tips to get the most of your sponsorship:

  • Look for the most popular articles and sponsor those
  • Subscribe to our social networks and be notified as soon as the articles are published. Then sponsor the newly published articles for maximum exposure
  • You can sponsor more than one article
  • Find articles related to your business so you can help to increase your search engine rankings (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO)

NOTE: There’s a few categories which you will not be able to sponsor and these are the Guest and Interviews.

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