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Interview with Michel from Timos

Posted: November 28, 2013 at 11:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

EZI: How did the company start and what was the inspiration behind the business?

M: Timos started out as a development company. Developing software for embedded products was it’s main focus. Over the years Timos has specialised more and more into creating great audio and video projects. This evolved into creating our own audio and video product which is now the only project we spend time on.

EZI: What digital signage products does the business sell?

M: Timba is an Android based media player which we have adapted to play reliable 24/7 audio, video and images on full HD screens. Our new model features a micro SD card and a Fast Dual core processor.

EZI: Who are some of your biggest clients? (*optional)

M: Xenox Music & Media B.V.

EZI: For our viewers, are you able to demonstrate and showcase one of your products?

M: Absolutely!

Timba Closeup


Timba BackCloseup


EZI: Why did the business decide to use the Android OS vs the other operating systems?

M: The ease of developing on a platform with world wide support and reach.

EZI: What are some of the product features that makes your business/products stand out from it’s competitors?

M: Timba was designed with reliability in mind. All aspect of the software are written to run 24/7 without interruptions.

Timba can work with any CMS system when we get a request for it. And for low complexity applications it is possible to use a plain webserver.

Timos adds customer value because we specialize in creating adaptations for customer specific requirements.

EZI: Are there any security issues that users need to be aware of when purchaing the Timba?

M: Although Timba can use regular connections to your CMS or webserver it is off course recommended to use encrypted connections. Timba can work with both. On top of that Timba is able to work with configurations stored in encrypted zip files.

EZI: Does the Timba use a power adaptor?

M: Yes, an external 5V adapter.

EZI: How can you make in-store music more entertaining?

M: My partner Xenox Music & Media makes sure of that!

EZI: Should businesses combine digital signage and in-store music?

M: To create the best overall store experience, yes. Not only because customers expect you to, but mainly because they server different means to the same purpose: customer experience. Music sets the tone and it’s selection conveys what audience you are expecting without actually saying it. Whereas digital signage engages the customer into your products and informs them of your activities.

EZI: There has been discussions that using music can become annoying for the customer. What are your thoughts?

M: Most stores do a good job as they know who their customer base is and what they prefer. But yes, there are definitely bad examples out there.

EZI: How do you explain to your customers about the music licensing process?

M: I gladly leave that to my partners such as Xenox Music and Media.

EZI: Are you able to share some insights on the future of digital signage, as in what’s the next “BIG THING”?

M: Although I am not a big fan of it I am sure ‘personalised advertising’ will be the next step.

About Timos

Timos is a small company dedicated to developing audio and video players. Timos focusses on Digital Signage, In-Store Music and general media players. Timos excels in developing specialized adaptations for these products.

We have developed the X-Radio for Xenox Music & Media and are now actively promoting our new digital signage player, the Timba.

About Michel

I have been active developing audio products since 2003 and started my own company in 2008 where I was able to do a lot of different embedded projects.



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