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Guest Post: Creating a digital experience that captures the customer

Posted: August 29, 2013 at 9:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Statistics show that a customer’s attention is won or lost in just three seconds. With such a narrow window in which to engage potential buyers, a business’s advertising must therefore be clear, coherent and catchy.

A simple solution to this is embedding digital point of sale displays into the retail or business environment. High-definition screens displaying bright colours or vivid images draw the customer in before maintaining their initial intrigue through clever content and considered words. And, unlike traditional static point of sale advertising, digital displays are proven to be far more adept at persuading the customer and influencing their buying decisions. In a world where customers are bombarded by moving images, retail promotion needs to keep up and digital signage can help achieve this.

A major advantage of utilising such a display in a retail environment is the flexibility of use that comes with it. Though the display itself is permanent, its content can vary dependent on purpose. So whether it is an upcoming event, a product new to sale or a major customer promotion the monitor holding the display can work fluently with the needs of any business.

Furthermore, in a world increasingly interested in and even reliant upon social networking, rolling news and global connectivity digital signage companies can provide a truly modern mode of marketing. This is because the monitors can be easily synced to the internet allowing businesses to incorporate a world of choice into their on-site promotion activities.

However, with customers increasingly aware of promotional techniques it is vital that digital point of sale displays are firmly embedded in a context that is equally impressive. Therefore, business leaders and visual merchandisers must ensure that the area surrounding the mounted display complements the time and energy that has created the impact of the digital content.

One way to achieve this is to focus on creating a consistent design concept that links the entire layout of the business premises, from architectural decisions to décor choices with the digital display as the jewel in the crown.

In addition to making sure a digital display is a fully integrated part of a company’s fabric, making the most of its capabilities is also key if it the desired impact is to be achieved. Forward-thinking managers and business leaders will work tirelessly to ensure their digital promotional material places them at the forefront of their industry and more importantly ahead of their competitors.

By consistently monitoring the relevancy and efficacy of content, these displays can indeed play an integral part in marketing and promotion but there is more, adapting digital signage into an enhanced interactive experience for customers will make a visit to any retail space truly memorable.

At its best, digital signage not only advertises products or services to customers it promotes a genuine and sustained sense of brand awareness. As such, getting this part of your retail or business premises spot on is essential in today’s increasingly competitive business market.

About the Author

Jason Terry

Jason Terry, the Managing Director of ASAP UK has over 19 years experience in all aspects of design and installation of all types of signage and graphics. Jason works on a variety of projects from sign and vehicle graphics to commercial signage.


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