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Guest Post: Is Digital Signage Practical for the Small Business?

Posted: January 30, 2013 at 12:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Marketing for any business is extremely important to its survival. It is what entices potential consumers to spend their money on any given product or service. Without marketing and advertising, the business would have to rely on the curiosity of those who pass by the business. Digital signage is used to impact those passing by with detail high-resolution images usually on LCD or LED powered screens. In a sense, a digital sign puts a large television out for everyone to see advertisements relating to the business.
Although LED marquee scrolling messages are popular because of the cost, the digital sign is superior in every way. More information can be shared and images are detailed displaying exactly what the consumer needs to see in order to promote the product or service. But could digital signage be more than what a small business needs? As costs could be a factor, could the small business utilize it enough to make the purchase worthwhile?

1. Cost – Essentially, the cost for a digital signage system could be akin to purchasing a computer and using a 42-inch LCD screen to run it. For a basic system, the entire setup could cost around $5,000 just in hardware. This is very dependent on how large the screen is and whether you need it mounted outside or not. There is a great deal of cost for the installation of one of these units between software and continuous digital playback devices.

For a small business, the cost could be far more than what is allowed in the budget. The digital signage does not guarantee your business will improve, although there is a good chance it will. Spending that kind of money for a small business may not be realistic. Once the small business is established and is able to sustain itself without personal investments, then extravagance may be looked at closer.

2. Efficiency – Many small businesses get suckered in by salesman to buy into an advertising method that has proven to show results. Unfortunately, many of these business that buy into these “proven” methods wind up losing quite a bit of money that could have been better spent in other developments. When you are looking at a marketing device of any kind, read the fine print.

There is no such thing as an advertisement that will guarantee business. Those who say there is, are only trying to sell you something that may or may not work. All the advertisement does is share with the potential customer information about the business and/or products. It can’t force people to buy into the business services.

3. Results – Although there are statistics that show digital marketing can provide a good return-on-investment, it’s still no guarantee that it will work. For a small business that needs to utilize its money wisely or perish, this would be the same as going all-in and hoping your hand is better than your opponent in Texas Holdem’. Is it really worth the gamble?

If the business can afford the extra thousands of dollars it will cost to set up digital signage, then it should. Digital signage has provided a great deal of high ROI for those who use them. It just may not be practical for a small business with less than five employees. At least, not yet.

Regardless of your marketing techniques, digital signage can make a great impact in how consumers view your business. It will be up to each individual company to decide for itself if this method will be cost effective for the organization. Keep in mind that in the 21st century, a great deal of marketing is through digital methods and you don’t want to seem archaic to your potential customers.

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