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LG SuperSign Website

SuperSign Display
Posted: December 13, 2012 at 10:20 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Has anyone seen the LG SuperSign Website? I just stumbled across it today and thought I’d generate some exposure for LG.

If you click on the below link you’ll notice that the port that the website is connecting to the server is 6020. This means that the SuperSign server is listening to port 6020. Not sure why LG is doing this but most firewalls doesn’t allow this.

So what is is the SuperSign solution? According to the website SuperSign Solution is a Digital Signage Solution that was developed exclusively by LG Electronics. The LG SuperSign Solution offers Display, Media player (hardware and solftware), and Management programs.


Let’s have a look at the software component. It has an easy intuitive software that allows even the novice can operate conveniently.¬†SuperSign Solution provides the SuperSign Manager software, an all-in-one management program that is used to Control the display and the media player, as well as create and distribute media.

SuperSign Software


Easy and Quick Management through External/ Internal Media Player.
SuperSign Solution’s Media Player includes the NC1000 & NC2000 hardware as well as the SuperSign Player S/W.

SuperSign Media Player


High Performance Displays.
Displays is connected to the media player and is used to show advertising videos. SuperSign Solution supports most LG Electronic monitor display product. Brightness, resolution, sound, and other display product features can be controlled by the SuperSign Manager software.

SuperSign Display

Here’s the website¬†

SuperSign Homepage


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