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Ad-pay network entices brands, entertains and engages, delivering messaging to a captive audience

Posted: December 6, 2012 at 1:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Focusing on high volume venues such as bars, restaurants and clubs, Blast Media utilizes their network, the Bar Channel, to connect with the highly–targeted demographic of 19 to 34 year olds by allowing advertisers to play compelling messaging through digital screens strategically located in various Canadian locations. Blast Media partnered with ADFLOW Networks and Rogers Media to provide a complete digital signage solution. ADFLOW Networks provide their industry leading digital signage and interactive kiosk software expertise. Their patented Dynamic Messaging System manages the Bar Channel network.
The Bar Channel offers a distinctive approach to out-of-home digital signage by featuring engaging, energetic, eye-catching content. Real time sports scores, weather forecasts and news updates share screen time with high energy sports highlights, comedy clips and blooper reels, interspersed with advertising spots.“Blast Media and The Bar Channel are excited about this new partnership and the growth opportunity that it presents,” says Jeff White, President, Blast Media. “ADFLOW Networks’ digital media management expertise and patented software technology will add a key component to the overall success of The Bar Channel.” With a weekly audience of 200,000, The Bar Channel plans to expand its 90+ locations by targeting bars, pubs, restaurants and cin Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and across the United States.

About ADFLOW Networks

Established in 2000 and a pioneer in the Digital Signage Industry, ADFLOW Networks has been providing award winning solutions including the development, deployment, and management of passive and interactive digital media networks. All of ADFLOW’s Digital Signage networks are powered by ADFLOW’s patented Dynamic Messaging System™. Headquartered in Burlington, ON, Canada with U.S. offices in Chicago, IL and Philadelphia, PA, ADFLOW has grown to become one of North America’s largest Digital Signage and Interactive Kiosk providers.


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