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Universities offering Digital Signage Services

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I noticed that more and more universities are now offering digital signage services to their staff and also to their students. I thought I’d provide you with a list of some examples:

University of West Florida

Marketing & Creative Services manages content for several digital signing outlets on campus, including closed-circuit televisions and a marquee located in front of the Visitor’s Center.

Frostburg State University (offers advertising for off-campus businesses, conference and events)

The Lane University Center Digital Signage System consists of 3 monitors placed in the Lane University Center lobbies near main entrances which offer student organizations, FSU offices and departments and local businesses a new and exciting way to get the word out about events, opportunities and meetings. The goal is to inform and market events to the FSU campus and community to increase engagement at Frostburg State University. An average of 3,200 people pass by these monitors daily.

The Digital Signage System can accommodate a maximum of sixty 10-second advertisements at any given time. Accordingly, each advertisement is guaranteed to be displayed at least 6 times per hour/per monitor. An organization may display up to 3 advertisements on the Digital Signage System at the same time. Advertisements will be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks or until the date of the event, whichever deadline occurs first.

The University of Melbourne

Digital signage displays on either LCD screens or data projectors. The majority of these displays are configured for widescreen playback.

University of Illinois

What is Illinois Digital Signage service?

The Illinois Digital Signage service is a coordinated approach to digital signage at University of Illinois. This service assists colleges, departments and auxiliary units in enhancing the Illinois experience through the delivery of real-time electronic communications and applications to students, faculty, staff, and visitors in campus public spaces.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a general term for digital display technologies (such as LCD, Plasma, and LED) that are integrated into public and private spaces for the purpose of communicating with target audiences. Interest in digital signage is rapidly increasing in higher education, where it can be used in libraries, residence halls, academic buildings, student unions, and many other campus environments.

The content provided through digital signage can be static or dynamic, interactive or non-interactive, and it can comprise media types ranging from simple text and images to high-definition video.

Griffith University

As our spaces are being renovated, new Digital signage screens are being built into our environment. As with printed materials it is very important that the Griffith brand identity is not tarnished or damaged in any way. No stretching of images will be allowed, this particularly relates to the Griffith logo.

The University of Adelaide

The vision for Hub Central is to provide the best on-campus experience within the national higher education sector for all students. The key elements to the student experience within Hub Central have been identified as an informal learning space which facilitates aspects of social learning; a library which is integrated in the learning process; services for students which are delivered face-to-face and on-line; and information technology with ongoing student-focussed support. A key element in achieving an excellent on-campus experience is the development of Information Technology (IT) facilities which provide high quality services, are student centred, and encourage informal and flexible learning practices.
Digital signage is a tool by which content and messages are displayed on electronic, computer controlled digital screens. It replaces static text and pictures with a display which can incorporate moving images, video, scrolling text and highlighted messages. It can also include RSS feeds. Digital signage may be used to provide up-to-date information including dynamic content, emergency overrides, footage of activities, availability of resources, advertising and promotion, and instant messaging or paging. Digital signage enables the display of relevant messages on different screens according to the location of the screen and the time of the day or year.

University of Pittsburgh

Whether you already use digital signs or are considering deploying them for the first time, Enterprise Digital Signage software can make it easy to create great looking signs that can display almost any type of content.

New to Digital Signage?

Get up and running quickly with pre-formatted sign templates. Just pick your content and drop it in!

Publish almost any type of content: video, Web pages, PowerPoint slides, maps, Twitter feeds, live data, PDFs, and much more.

Manage multiple signs in different buildings with one simple interface.

We can help you identify that hardware that is best suited to your needs.

University of Michigan

Bring your building or public area into the realm of instant, high-impact visible communication

  • Inform faculty, staff and students with text-based news and information
  • Provide immediate emergency alert information to building occupants
  • Showcase and inspire with video and multimedia
  • Update content moment-by-moment when events call for it
  • Deploy interactive touchscreen guides and directories to help people find their way

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