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Panasonic installed 26 projectors at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

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A new 20,000-lm projector, the PT-DZ21K Series, enhanced the spectacular beauty of the ceremony.

The opening ceremony was directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle. The scenes in which projectors were used consisted of a montage of 40 years of British pop songs. While the music played, some of the most memorable music videos and clips were projected onto a large house on the stage. The stadium turned into a juke box, with an encyclopedic review of British music history.

Vertical installation capability (portrait mode*) was also included to meet the needs of ceremony planners. Half of the projectors used in the Opening Ceremony were portrait mode installation.* Portrait mode capability of PT-DZ21K Series requires a firmware version “MAIN Ver. 2.00” or
later, and optional Portrait mode lamp (ET-LAD510P/ET-LAD510PF).
To produce the dramatic lighting for the performances in this gigantic stadium, these advanced projectors employed 20,000 lumens of brightness and transmitted images precisely to a number of screens.
Images were projected onto a 3-dimensional screen without any misalignment. The screen was controlled to prevent brightness differences and distortion.
Black parts of the image were reproduced with excellent contrast against dimmed stadium lighting.

Half of the projectors had to be mounted in a portrait configuration in order to display the images vertically onto the walls of the house. The extremely bright images were achieved by forming the  projectors for each wall surface into groups of 2 or 3 projectors each.

A total of 26 projectors displayed images onto the walls of a multi-dimensional structure in the center of the stage. The   installation method is shown below. Single: 2 units, Dual stack: 6 sets, Triple stack: 4 sets (Including 13 units in portrait mode).

What’s the OBS?
The OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) facility served as the core for editing and distributing competition images gathered from each venue of the Olympic Games. All of the competition images came to the OBS.

 Case Studies of Competition Venue

Large-screen plasma displays played an extremely important role by delivering images that were so powerful, they conveyed even the breathing of the athletes in competition.

At the swimming venue, 103-inch plasma displays were installed in positions that were visible from the spectator seats and at the side of the awards platform.The wide viewing angle of the display made viewing easy for people who had difficulty seeing the awards ceremony from their seat.
10,600-lm projectors, PT-DZ110X were installed outside ExCel Centre to show announcements from inside the venue, and images of competition taking place in other venues.
The screen bezels were decorated with the London Olympic Games motif. Table tennis and Volleyball
The 103-inch plasma displays depicted the athletes’ facial expressions and dynamic movements with lifelike realism. They provided people who were seated somewhat far away to experience all the excitement of the events.

Download the full case study from Panasonic below:


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  • September 24, 2012 at 8:01 pm video production london

    Didnt do the opening – but was a the closing. It was awesome

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