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Digital Signage Interactivity with SMS technology

Posted: May 19, 2012 at 12:26 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The adoption of digital signage interactivity with SMS technology is an area that has gone unnoticed and the opportunities of this technology is endless.

Why would businesses need to start thinking about these technologies?

It’s simple, everyone carries a mobile phone and everyone knows how to send a SMS message. So if you want your business to use digital signage  to interact with your customers, visitors, staff or employees then you need to start thinking about using a technology everyone knows how to use. Yes… I know your probably thinking that SMS is old technology and that newer technologies like QR codes are becoming more popular but we all know that SMS works and compared to QR systems you don’t need a smartphone and an application on the smartphone.

How can this technology be used for your business?

There are many ways this technology can be used for your business. It can be as simple as getting your customers to send an SMS to receive additional information about a product, marketing campaign or even to receive discount coupons upon viewing an advertisement on the digital screens. If you think from a marketing perspective capturing information is useful and important. With this information you can also measure the success of the advertisement or campaign – this is great for advertisers.

Now, if you really want your customers or viewers to interact with the screen by changing content that is being displayed and sending back a message to the sender then SMS technology is your answer. We call this two way interaction – just imagine your business is a restaurant and your venue played music video. You can now let your patrons be in control of what music videos gets played next.

There are obviously many other ways to use this technology and it’s up to your imagination on how this can be applied to your business.

Can I start using this SMS technology with my digital signage system?

Yes. For simple implementations you can use your existing system to get your customers to interact one way with your digital screens.

If your looking at implementing interaction with your digital screens then you need to make sure your digital signage system is able to change content based on trigger events.

Click on this link to view some examples: SMS interactivity examples

Advertise Me has recently built a custom SMS solution called SMSme that allows one way or two way interaction with a digital screen or even a still poster. Contact Advertise Me to discuss how you can use SMS and digital signage for your business.


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