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Would you enter your Facebook login and password when interacting with Digital Signage?

Posted: March 28, 2012 at 10:06 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Integrating Social Media with digital signage is now becoming part of the norm for any interactive digital signage solution, but what are some of the risks customers using these solutions need to be aware of especially if the solution is in a public area.

Now everyone knows how important it is to make sure your Facebook account does not get hacked or compromised. Below are a list of things you and your customers need to be aware of before entering your Facebook account details (let’s take an interactive touch screen in a clothes store for example that allows you to take a photo and share this on your Facebook profile by asking you to enter your username and password):

1. Is anyone else watching you (friend? colleague?) when you are entering your Facebook login and password?

2. Is the application used to connect to your Facebook account secure? Are the owners of the system able to browse or access your profile once you have entered your credentials?

3. Do you know whether there are any key loggers installed on the system?

4. Does the application log you out once the images are shared? What is the idle period?

5. Is there a CCTV camera in the retail store that could be capturing and storing your finger movements when entering your details?

Those are some of the questions I would be asking before implementing or using an interactive system that asks you to enter your Facebook account details. Here’s a poll to see what you would do:

Would you enter your Facebook login and password when interacting with Digital Signage?

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