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Val Morgan Retail acquires Innov8 Media

Posted: March 2, 2012 at 11:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Some of you may not know who Val Morgan is or what the company does, but here’s an extract of what they do from their about us page:

Val Morgan Cinema Network is Australia’s leading national supplier of screen advertising representing major exhibitors and virtually all independents.  This provides advertisers with a seamless network of cinema locations giving complete coverage across metro, regional and country areas, including mainstream and arthouse audiences.

Now if you visited one of their Cinema’s you will notice that they run their own digital signage advertising network. They have also established a retail network as well and it is called Val Morgan Retail which has digital screens located across major shopping centre. Here’s their about us for their retail section:

Val Morgan Retail Media is an operating division of Val Morgan, Australia’s leading national supplier of screen advertising.

Val Morgan Retail Media is a centrally programmed out of home network of over 900 large format digital advertising panels, including 40 SUPER screens, strategically placed in over 250 prominent shopping malls Australia wide.

The network currently reaches 14 million active shoppers each week, with rich engaging advertising content in key path to purchase environments.

The company has long term tenancy agreements with the majority of Australia’s most prominent property groups including AMP, GPT, Centro, Lend Lease, Leda, and Stockland amongst others.

The addition of this media platform to Val Morgan’s successful Cinema advertising business presents advertisers with exciting cross-platform strategic advertising opportunities.

Advertisers will now have the opportunity to complement Cinema on-screen and in-foyer out of home strategy with “path to purchase consumer communication”.

So basically Val Morgan has a large digital advertising network have recently acquired Innov8 media to expand their network. Looks like they will be taking over the larger digital signage network ins Australia which is good to hear.


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