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The Future of Retail Shopping

mobile screen shots
Posted: February 23, 2011 at 4:24 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Written by Guest Blogger: Kurt Brockett from IDENTITYMINE.

Mobile devices integrate with digital signage for in-store experiences that benefit shoppers and retailers

Imagine a retail experience in which customers and retailers better understand each other via data shared on mobile devices and broadcast to strategically located digital signage in the retail store. IdentityMine worked with Microsoft to demonstrate an experiential retail marketing solution that delivers customized retail experiences to consumers while empowering retailers to focus the in-store experience of their customers via interactive digital media. The software solution integrates mobile phones, tablets, in-store kiosks, and digital signage via cloud computing.

You can watch a demo of the solution here: 

In the video, you can see how the experiential retail marketing begins when a consumer browses the retailer’s online store, creates a mobile wish list (in this case on a Windows Phone 7, but it can be achieved on any mobile device), download product information, and later locates desired items in-store.

Once in the retail environment, store personnel are alerted that the shopper has arrived, can view the shopper’s wish list and browsing history on their tablet device, and can provide immediate assistance to the customer. This software solution allows shoppers to compare products within the retailer’s inventory (rather than by visiting competing sites), and they can get the instant gratification that comes with an in-store purchase.  During the customer interaction, retail staff can digitally “toss” the shopper’s items to a digital display using the Cloud.


Mobile Screen Shots:

 mobile screen shots

Tablet Screen Shots:

tablet screen shots 1

 tablet screen shots 2

 Display Screen Shots:

digital signage display screens

“We’re excited to work with innovative retail technology players to showcase the ground breaking ways that their technologies can be used,” said IdentityMine CEO Mark Brown. “The next-generation consumer shopping experience helps with shopper assistance and customer service. Retailers can manage all phases of the customer relationship while integrating powerful business intelligence to better run their businesses.”

IdentityMine developed the custom applications using cloud, gesture, touch, voice navigation and cross-device/cross-platform applications for in-store, self-service use. Users can instantly learn about product details and features, lookup products or product categories; access downloadable coupons; participate in personalized promotions, and be exposed to cross-sell/ up-sell offers, providing incentives for shoppers to purchase in-store.

About IdentityMine, Inc.
Headquartered in Tacoma, WA, IdentityMine is an expert interactive design and user experience (UX) company. They develop leading-edge digital applications and software solutions for multi-screen, multi-touch, multi-platform and multi-hardware devices for a variety of markets including mobile, retail and sports. They are able to create unique digital interactive user experiences by leveraging deep expertise in a variety of platforms to deliver highly engaging mobile, Internet and other media experiences for major brands in mainstream markets. Clients include: Microsoft, Path 36, The New Orleans Saints, Elektra NOC, Nordstrom and others. More information about IdentityMine can be found at You can find IdentityMine on Twitter at and on Facebook at


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