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Digital Signage Player Development

Posted: November 17, 2010 at 7:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (2)

I stumbled across this job advertisement on and it appears a company is planning to development their own digital signage player/system. Based on the description below it looks ordinary – ie. there’s already quite a number of players that does exactly what they want so why spend more time developing your own?

I guess the main reason why anyone would develop their own system would be for flexability and satisfaction. By developing your own custom application you can design and build it the way you want it and eventually customise parts that need improvements. There’s also the satisfaction factor, knowing people are using your application gives you joy and satisfaction. Below is the job that was advertised on the elance website:

Network Distributed Media Player

The SIGNWAVE DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER will be able to playback full screen 1920 x 1080 compressed video in the .MOV/M4V format. The user-friendly playlists can be managed by any web browser on the network. The playlist duration will be 24 hours. Scheduled spots will have the ability to playback at pre-defined times within the 24 hour schedule. All playlists are based on a 1 hour schedule. For instance if a specific spot needs to play back at 9:50am the base schedule can be interrupted to play the unique scheduled spot. Once the spot has played the original playlist will resume normal playback. Playlists can be auto-populated by selecting how many times per hour a spot will play. When a schedule is getting close to 1 hour the remaining time can be filled with content from a fill directory that contains appropriate fill content until the next hour starts. A system may consist of many playback devices (Mac Mini). The management software will have the…


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Comments (2)

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  • November 18, 2010 at 2:32 am John Doe

    Develop your own software is a valid alternative.

    Most of Players out there are full of features that you will not use, or if you do, they won’t bring anything good to your screen.Most of those developers think that if it technically can be done, it should be done. And that is not good. They don’t know about marketing, they don’t study viewer behavior. Mostly, they never did business using that player. They just add a lot of of ‘cool’ features to the players and, as a result, charge very high prices for the players.

    If you know what you need. If you keep it simple and don’t try to imitate the ‘big’ players. You can get your own reliable Player for a fraction of the price. And believe me. In advertising the simple approach is what works.

    • November 18, 2010 at 7:20 am DigitalSignageBlog

      John, you’re definitely right. Most manufacturers have developed their system based on what everyone in the market demanded I.e. tried to fit all the features and requests based what their clients wanted even though they may not use it at all. And yes this means the client and end users ends up paying extra for it.
      I have however noticed that once the user starts realising the potential of what digital signaled can do, then they will want these extra features.