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Multitouch Whiteboards for Schools and Meeting Rooms

Multitouch Whiteboard Panaboard UB-T880
Posted: September 10, 2010 at 12:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Multitouch whiteboards are now becoming quite popular in schools and meeting rooms. In particular, having the ability to share content, collaborate information with others at the same time is something of the past. Being authorised resellers of Panasonic we want to introduce our readers the latest multitouch whiteboard UB-T880 (77″) from panasonic. This unit was launched in Australia last month and they have been available in the US and other parts of the country for a while. The cost for one of this unit is RRP $2,869 but we’ll be able to hopefully reduce this price. For those that want bigger screens you can get the UB-T781W – obviously for a higher cost.

Multitouch Whiteboard Panaboard UB-T880

Multitouch Whiteboard Panaboard UB-T880

Below is a video demonstration from Panasonic. As you can clearly see from the video there are many uses and industries this whiteboard can be used in. If you think about it, this can also be used for digital signage implementations…


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