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Weekend Fun: Free Blackberry applications I use

Posted: September 5, 2009 at 11:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

I spend quite a lot of time on my blackberry to  perform certain tasks (besides reading emails) for my digital signage work. So this weekend I will share with you some of the free applications I use on the blackberry. Here’s the list in no particular order:

viigo 1. Viigo – this is a RSS reader application with a nice intuitive interface. I use it to read most blog entries related to digital signage (and of course I’ve added the to the list… don’t forget to do that as well). You can download Viigo from the Application Center on the blackberry or you can download it from here:
wordpress for blackberry 2. WordPress for blackberry – I use this to type some of the digital signage blog entries whilst on the go. I found it a bit hard to navigate on the Blackberry Storm (it was not designed for the touchscreen and surepress technology) but it does the job. You can download wordpress for blackberry here
nav4all 3. Nav4All – this is an awesome application that is basically like the navman but free…well until 1-1-2010. It is a mobile phone navigation application which gives you turn by turn instructions. I use this when I have to travel to unfamiliar locations for meetings etc. The website has a whole list of mobile phones that it supports so head over there now to download it.
GPSed 4. GPSed – this is an application that maps your tracks and photos. I use it for both tracking when I go running and also for tracking locations where I saw digital signage solution installs. Great little application and it’s free.
BBFilescout 5. BBFileScout – a file browser for the blackberry. There are times whereby I have to send files and photos to our clients so this is a perfect solution for browsing files. You can download the application from here.
twitterberry 6. Twitterberry – the twitter application for the blackberry. We use this to update our twitter status I also find it hard to navigate using this application as it wasn’t designed for the Blackberry Storm. You can download this application from here:
blackberry 7. Core applications – Finally, there’s the built in apps like Youtube, the camera, emails, browser etc that we use and there’s always Facebook – I don’t think anyone can resist from installing this application if they have a facebook account.

There may be others which I haven’t used before. Let me know if there’s any other application which I should use for my digital signage work.


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