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Largest Digital Signage Networks in Australia

Posted: February 9, 2008 at 11:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Unlike the US, China, Europe and other countries, Australia has always been slow with adapting to new technologies. This has been evident with the digital signage industry. If you travel through George St in Sydney (one of the busiest street in the largest capital city in Australia) there are no large digital signage screen located anywhere and we find this very hard to believe – not even large billboards have been installed. I guess one of the advantages of being behind with technology is the fact that we can benefit and learn from other countries experiences and implement them here.

So putting that aside, we though we’d talk about who owns the largest digital signage networks in Australia that we’ve seen or encountered which are displaying advertisements or promotions for other businesses. They are mentioned in no particular order:

Eye Corp

Eye Corp definitely has the largest digital signage presence in the major shopping centres in Australia and many of us might have seen these in Westfields Shopping centres. We have seen two types of digital signage products installed in Westfields. There is a dual-screen setup, whereby two screens are positioned next to each other in landscape orientation. The other is a large screen housed in a stand which is positioned in a portrait orientation. Both are located in high traffic areas so they are hard to miss.

Outpost TV

We first encountered the Outpost TV screens at Bankstown Centro two years ago. They now have a presence at all Centro shopping centres, and various plazas/shopping centres.


We’ve also seen a network of screens located in Newsagencies, but we don’t know who owns or operate these.

There are probably other companies out there worth mentioning but we haven’t come across any others except for the above. If you do know of any others let us know by discussing this on our forum here.


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