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Why digital signage?

Posted: November 27, 2007 at 9:39 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Everybody knows the conventional method of using posters to deliver messages, whether it is to sell a product or service or to inform the audience.Using a Digital Signage player, Digital Signage takes this traditional approach of delivering messages and allows for the greater control and flexibility over how the message is delivered on a digital screen.

Digital Signage can be used to replace or enhance current methods of advertising and distribution of information.

With Digital Signage:
– there is no need for printing – saving you money on printing costs and costly mistakes with printing
– there are real time updates – content can be updated in real time or scheduled to occur when you want. Digital Signage allows you to display messages immediately.
– there are limited resources required – depending on your digital signage solution all that would be required is a person who would update the content
– there are no additional distribution costs – saving you money on freight and distribution costs. With Digital Signage you are not limited with one advertisement in one location but you can display multiple advertisements in the same location or have the same advertisement displayed across all your businesses displaying Digital Signage.
– there is opportunity to use animation and sound – helping to drive traffic to your store or keeping them there for longer by attracting and maintaining their attention.

Digital Signage can be effective in a variety of environments including:
* Retail stores
* Restaurants
* Pubs
* Airports
* Schools
* Medical Centres
* Corporations


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