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Interesting Video of Samsung Safety Trucks

I recently came across this video of how Samsung in Argentina installed screens behind a truck trailer to allow motorists to overtake easily by showing what is in front of the truck on the screens. This is a very clever idea.

The device is called Safety Truck and it has a camera at the front of the truck and four Samsung Screens installed on the back door of the trailer. Most of us who have driven behind a truck, know of the dangers involved when trying to overtake trucks – you can’t see anything in front of the trucks. With this clever Samsung setup, it makes it easier to overtake the trucks and reduces the risk of trying to guess if there is an oncoming vehicle. They have installed these on their trucks to reduce the number of deaths.

It will be interesting to see if other truck companies will follow suit.


[sm_smlts_colorbox title=”INTERESTING FACTS FROM THE VIDEO” color=”#7aba00″]

In Argentina almost one person dies in a traffic accident every hour

80% happens on the road mainly from people attempting to overtake



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