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How to make money building digital signage apps?


I recently wrote an article on another blog called How to make money building smartphone apps? and thought I’d create another one here called How to make money building digital signage apps?

Let me start off saying with saying that the digital signage software market is currently saturated. What I mean is that there’s already quite a number of digital signage software companies who have developed great software packages. So if you’re thinking of creating your own… my advice is DON’T, unless your digital software is better, more innovative and cheaper than the ones in the current market.

If you already have an existing digital signage software how do you make money?

My suggestions, and these are merely suggestions is to:

1. Give your software for free and charge based on modules required by your client i.e if additional features are required

2. Sell templates – most people who use digital signage software packages don’t have the time to create the templates. If your software package allows your clients to do this then you can make money

3. Partner with large distribution channels – yes hard for small digital signage software companies but it’s the only way to get your product out in the market

4. Create video tutorials on Youtube or Vimeo – you’ll be surprised how many people search for digital signage software tutorials and how much revenue you can generate on Youtube advertising.

5. Create open forums and allow the digital signage community to openly discuss and help each other through the forum

Are there any other strategies?



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