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Can I invite others to the digital signage portal?

Of course you can. We actually encourage you to invite friends, colleagues or business partners to join the digital signage portal.

The main benefits of joining the digital signage portal are:

  • help expand your digital signage business
  • help you learn more about existing and new products available in the digital signage market
  • establish new business contacts around the globe
  • communicate more effectively with other digital signage solution providers
  • share information with others
  • showcase your products
  • help you find the most suitable and cost effective solution
  • save you valuable time by having all the information you may require in one central location

You can simply copy and send them an email with the following link to the registration page:


I am inviting you to join the Digital Signage Portal. You can do so by completing the registration form at

Alternatively, if you are already a member of the digital signage portal the system has an “Invite a friend” tool.

Follow the below instructions to use the “invite a friend” tool:

1. Login to the portal

2. Scroll down to the User Menu section and click Invite a friend.

3. Enter their details

4. Click Send Invitation.

For more information visit the digital signage portal.


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