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front screen

Digital Signage Fail: Unique Back Screen Cover

I was walking past a store which had two Display Screens mounted on the front of their kiosk stand. From the front it appeared the two screens were mounted inside stand. See below (sorry not a good picture but it should give yo...

Times Square

Guest Post: Sleek and Digital – The Latest on Business Signs

Today, business signs go beyond communicating your brand. They can also drive sales for your establishment and encourage interaction with your audience. They can literally transact with your potential and existing customers. Do...

digital signage fail landscape portrait

Digital Signage FAIL: Landscape or Portrait

Here’s a picture of an interesting setup… oops it’s actually an issue with the way the video output orientation was setup. Have a look:

tellAvision – Visual Display and Dance Part 2 on America’s Got Talent 2013

tellAvision – Visual Display and Dance Part 2 on America’s Got Talent 2013

By now you can probably tell I’m a big fan of AGT (America’s & Australia’s Got talent). A few weeks ago I mentioned about an audition from tellAvision – a group of people that mixes the use of Visua...

Digital Signage and Dance on America’s Got Talent 2013

Digital Signage and Dance on America’s Got Talent 2013

I wanted to share with everyone an interesting video clip I just watched on America’s Got Talent. It’s an audition from a group called Tellavision, that uses digital signage screens and dance to entertain and showca...

Landscape Portrait screens

Techie Question: My client wants their landscape screen changed to portrait

Have you ever been in this situation: You installed a screen in the landscape orientation, a few weeks later your client changed their mind and want it installed in portrait mode. What do you do now? There are a few questions y...


Guest Post: Is Digital Signage Practical for the Small Business?

Marketing for any business is extremely important to its survival. It is what entices potential consumers to spend their money on any given product or service. Without marketing and advertising, the business would have to rely ...


Panasonic launches new 55 inch LED LCD screen

We have just received news that you can now purchase commercial Panasonic LED screens. So here are some of the product features: High Brightness 800-cd/m2 LCD – ideal for installation in bright places. Also the black repr...

Predictions for Digital Signage 2013

Predictions for Digital Signage 2013

2012 is coming to an end and we’ve seen quite a number of changes in the digital signage industry. In particular we saw screen manufacturers, software suppliers and digital signage player manufacturers release new and exc...

Source: Val Morgan

Acquisition of PumpTV by Val Morgan

We’ve just received news that PumpTV (was probably the only company in Australia that had screens installed at petrol stations) was acquired by Val Morgan. This is big news because Pump TV has 800 screens across 100 petro...

belvedere hotel1

Interactive display solutions provide enhanced guest experiences in high-end Manhattan hotel in New York City

Looking to create an exceptionally high standard of customer service and improve on their guest-orientated environment, Manhattan’s high-end boutique hotel, The Belvedere, turned to digital signage as a means to achieve the...

ikea digital signage indoor (Small)

Digital Signage Klips: Ikea’s digital signage in Canada

Here’s a few photos of a digital signage implementation at Ikea in Canada. Below is a photo of a double sided LG screens that is hanging from the ceiling which is used to showcase products. Below is a photo of the outdoor...

Interview with Forrest Weng from Goodview

Interview with Forrest Weng from Goodview

EZY: How did the company start and what was the inspiration behind the business? GV: Our company started by supplying LCD Ad displays to the Focus Media Group in 2005. Focus Media now runs the largest LCD Ad display network (ov...

digital signage no signal

No Signal means No Good

How many times have you seen a “No Signal” message on a digital signage screen that is in a public area? I’ve seen this too often and it’s most likely due to the media player not being switched on or bec...


List of OPS Screens and Digital Signage Players

In the previous article, we talked about Intel’s OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) and how screen and digital signage player manufacturers are fast adopting this technology. The main advantages of OPS: We decided to hel...